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Table Linen

Seeking a product for covering a table, Roland Pieter Smit chose linen. Environmentally friendly, because what’s good for the earth is good for mankind. He found this in a traditional weaving mill in Lithuania.

Special luxury through the centuries

For more than ten thousand years, humans have been aware that linen is the basis of materials with very special qualities. Linen is fresh, clean and comfortable. It feels pleasantly soft and, at the same time, is strong and durable. In the past, you could find linen textiles in every home: tables were covered with tablecloths and napkins of linen; in the kitchen, use was made of linen kitchen towels. Nowadays, linen has become a luxury textile and will not be used so often.

Sensible and durable

Across the whole world, Lithuania is famous for its linen ware and linen products and it is of good quality, for Lithuania has a long tradition in the manufacture and use of linen fabrics. Flax, the basis for linen, is a strong, relatively environmentally friendly fibre. The more often one uses it, the softer and stronger it becomes. The material is colourfast, easy to wash and non-allergenic. In the cultivation of flax, considerably fewer pesticides and fertilisers are needed than is the case with other crops. The fibres are recyclable and ultimately decomposable in nature.