Roland Pieter Smit is a designer with a clear mission to put needs, desires and human well being at the centre of everything he does. This means: designing concepts and products that make people comfortable, supporting the actions in daily life and strengthening human behaviour. Roland’s goal is also to offer insights into the various stages and places in the production chain, striving to maintain or to restore traditional processes. He aims to start the process as close to the source as possible. Made in Holland or anywhere in Europe if required. People with a mental or physical impairment in particular create the products, where the process reflects the psychological and physical capability of the creators. The platform makes the creator visible and offers them self-esteem. In recent years, Roland created several concepts and products that reflect his progressive philosophy.

Roland graduated cum laude in 2010 at the Design Academy Eindhoven with his thesis “WOLWAEREN”. He exhibited at various international occasions, perfectly symbolising his thoughts. And started with only dutch handmade products.

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